Rant, rave, muse, and perhaps impart a bit of wisdom?

Welcome to the Mikael Lewis blog. This is where I get to rave, rant, muse and bemuse about all the wonderful things that I’ve seen in my crazy little world.

I’ve been around a bit and people tell me I’ve lived an interesting life. I’d like to think that these folks are right but it’s hard for me to judge as I am seeing it only from my own biased point of view. With that in mind I’m just gonna tell it as I see it and have seen it and let you decide whether it’s interesting or not.

Being a blog, this space is supposed to be interactive by its very nature. I hope that you will feel free to make it so by posting your thoughts in addition to mine. I’ll be delighted if it turns out that way. I’ll try to keep this space apolitical and secular. I think I’ve already alienated enough people through my paranoid Facebook rants. šŸ™‚

When you get your fill of the words from this blog please pop on over to my website and have a listen to my other passion; creating music. You can access that site by clicking on the “music website” link below.

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