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Cb900 custom


Here’s the story so far:

Around July 18th or 19th I overheard my friend and colleague Mike talking to his wife on the phone about a motorcycle they were trying to sell. It seemed they weren’t having much luck. I asked Mike what the bike was? He replied that I probably wouldn’t be interested as it was just a dusty old 81 Honda. He showed me a picture and I immediately began to salivate.


I didn’t know much about this bike, I just knew that it looked similar to the cb750k that I owned a couple of years back, when I lived in Utah. Mike told me that his father had purchased the bike brand new in 81. For some reason Mikes father quit riding and parked the bike under his carport some 12 years ago. Mike said he didn’t even know if it would run; I told him I was willing to take the risk, especially for the price he was asking.
After wrangling for a couple of days with my wife, Anne, over the prospect of buying another old bike, Mike and I made the exchange of money and title. on July 21st. Mike dropped the bike off that weekend. I knew that I had gotten a really good deal. Even if the bike didn’t run, I knew I could easily part it out and make my money and then some. (but I hoped and prayed that it would run.)
Much to my delight and surprise, I changed the oil and filter, added a new battery and plugs and the old girl fired right up. I later told Mike that I had stolen the bike from him!


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September 17, 2013 · 11:59 pm


Hello folks,

Since my writing seems to have been supplanted by my building this motorcycle, I’ve decided to start blogging about the motorcycle build.
A couple of months back I acquired a 1981 Honda cb900 custom. I didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out this bike is a bit of a rarity. Honda only made the cb900 custom for two years-81 and 82. I’m very lucky to have gotten my hands on one.
Much to the dismay of my new found friends on the cb900/cb1000 custom forum, I’ve decided to morph this bike into a sort of brat style urban scrambler. The metamorphosis is still in its early stages, but I will update periodically as the build progresses.

This is what the bike looked like when I picked it up July 30th.



This is its current state:


And this is my goal:


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