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Hello folks,

Since my writing seems to have been supplanted by my building this motorcycle, I’ve decided to start blogging about the motorcycle build.
A couple of months back I acquired a 1981 Honda cb900 custom. I didn’t know it at the time, but it turns out this bike is a bit of a rarity. Honda only made the cb900 custom for two years-81 and 82. I’m very lucky to have gotten my hands on one.
Much to the dismay of my new found friends on the cb900/cb1000 custom forum, I’ve decided to morph this bike into a sort of brat style urban scrambler. The metamorphosis is still in its early stages, but I will update periodically as the build progresses.

This is what the bike looked like when I picked it up July 30th.



This is its current state:


And this is my goal:



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