“She was an unfinished song abandoned at the bridge”

Mother’s Day

 “She was an unfinished song abandoned at the bridge.”

-Salman Rushdie

The following is an entry from my journal dated 29 Dec, 2006:

This has been a rough week; probably the worst on record for me. It has been a tough year since receiving the news of dad’s cancer. It would seem that tragedy surrounds me right now. Everyone gets their turn; I guess it’s just my turn now. Four months ago dad’s doctor told him that he had just six to twelve months left to live. The cancer had started in his lungs and had now spread to several other organs. There is no treatment at this point; only a sentence.

I booked my ticket home for the 18th of December. I wanted to be there to spend dad’s last Christmas with him. I had no idea when I booked this ticket that there would be so much more to this trip than planned. Just days before I was to leave for Utah, I called mom to see how things were going. My sister answered and informed me that mom had been admitted to the hospital with a heart problem. She would have to undergo surgery on Friday the 15th. I hung up the phone, turned to Anne and said “I have a really bad feeling about this.”

Mom came out of her surgery and seemed to be doing well. I boarded my flight on Sunday feeling relieved but still a bit anxious. I arrived home on Monday and went straight to the hospital to see mom. She was doing very well and we were able to have a great conversation and catch up on the past year. She was breathing heavily and we joked that she sounded like Darth Vader. She was always so full of laughter.

When the phone rang at 5:40 on Tuesday morning I knew that it could not be good news. It was mom’s doctor telling me to gather the family as things had taken a turn for the worst. Roughly one hour later, surrounded by family, she closed her beautiful green eyes for the last time.

Mom, you are an unfinished song abandoned at the bridge.


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