The Most Important Lesson

Since leaving home at eighteen my life has been a constant stream of upheaval and uncertainty. There are many, many lessons that I’ve learned along my own personal road to Nirvana but one lesson stands far above the rest.

If I am counting correctly I have made four bordering state moves, three grueling cross-country-multistate moves, and a whopping six international moves. This was all in the space of 24 years. I’ve lived in Provo, Salt Lake City, Orem, and Springville, Utah (my home state); Bray, Greystones, Donaghmeade, Rathmines, Enniskillen, Dublin, and Cork, Ireland; Belfast, Magherafelt, and Bangor, Northern Ireland; Rexburg, Idaho; Lake Powell, Tempe, Ahwautukee, and Gilbert, Arizona; and Bradley Beach, Asbury Park, Brick, and Oakhurst, New Jersey. I’m fairly certain that this trend won’t end anytime soon. Before you ask, I am not in the military, a diplomat, a carnie, or a fugitive running from the law. Perhaps I am just an idiot running from myself. That’s still open to debate.

As someone who is so often mobile I have learned to detach myself from material possessions. It’s difficult not to shed some baggage when moving internationally on a shoestring budget. It’s nigh on impossible when you’ve done this numerous times. As a result of this frequent shedding of possessions there are very few material things that hold any actual value to me. Ironically the one possession that does hold value to me, my father’s guitar, is not really even mine. As Zen as my detachment from material goods might seem to be, this is not the nugget wisdom that I wish to share today.

For 16 of my 24 years on this road there has been one, and only one constant. I’m speaking of my travelling companion, best friend and partner Anne. I have no idea what she sees that can possibly be worth all of this chaos and uncertainty. But yet, 16 years down this road, and here she is right by my side.

Herein lies my nugget of wisdom: above all else find a companion that is just crazy enough to share in your adventure. For without that your journey will be short and shallow.

Thank you Anne. The adventure continues…



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