HGTV be damned!

Tonight I really do have something to prove. Its day two of my 365 in 365 campaign and I came oh so close to falling off the wagon already. 365 words every day for 365 consecutive days-what on earth was I thinking? I can barely force myself to raise a brush to my teeth on a daily basis. Nevertheless, there I was talking the big talk. I thought that I could at least be determined enough to follow through for more than one nights worth of blogging. However, the sun had risen and set. Dusk had passed moodily into night. Procrastination reared its ugly head and before I knew it my eye lids had started to droop into saggy tired bags of spent flesh.

There is only one surefire way to deflect my shame at stumbling over this very early hurdle. I’ll do what any principled married man would do. I’ll just blame the wife. After all wasn’t it she who had ridiculed the forced bravado of yesterdays blog? You see, after reading my “Kill Your Television” rant she just laughed like only a wicked stepsister could. “You’d never have the nerve” she said. She’d even had the gumption to tell me that my bloviating was nothing but dust blowing in the wind. As if I weren’t man enough to pull the trigger even if I did have the bullets for to follow through. Sigh!

To prove her point, she demurely lured my naive and innocent heart upstairs to the bedroom with whispered hints of desire and intrigue.  Little did I know that she was enticing me into the lions-den? As she threw me to the bed and latched my only mode of escape I realized my predicament. With remote in hand she chortled as she fingered the button that made the television flare to life. I have no defense against that blasted HGTV. In that fleeting moment all of my determination just melted like ice cream on a downtown Phoenix Street.

But alas, now that she sleeps I will have the last laugh. Though I must hide like a thief in the night my determination has returned. You have just read my 365 words.


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